Why is a developer management company better than a large hotel chain?
1. Flexibility in extreme market conditions.

In times of pandemics, companies and world-renowned hotels simply closed down and said they would not continue to operate. As a result, a large number of projects in Phuket were frozen, people were out of work, and properties were idle without maintenance, not generating income for investors or management companies.

In our project, Diamond Resort Phuket, we did something different. The project was fully operational with all its infrastructure, including the restaurant. We simply switched from daily rentals to monthly rentals, offering good prices for those who live in Phuket permanently.

We started advertising in Bangkok and the north of Thailand, thus attracting Thai tourists who, during the pandemic, travelled extensively within the kingdom and came to Phuket to get away from the big cities on weekends and holidays. We retained the team, managed to maintain and keep the room stock of 293 apartments in perfect condition.

We use this example to show how an in-house management company is flexible, responsive, and adaptive to market conditions, even in a critical situation like a pandemic.

2. Most flexible terms and more rental programme revenue.

The large hotel chains have rigid frameworks for property management. In the case of a developer management company, you will be able to negotiate more flexible terms for your personal residence or rental property. In the case of revenue generation, large hotel chains charge a higher percentage for services rendered due to the brand and large team.

3. Quality of building materials and appliances.

When creating a project under its own management, it is in the interest of the developer to make everything as good as possible: do not save on building materials, air conditioners, or the or the quality of furniture; properly think through the layout and space of the complex; and further eliminate problems in the maintenance of the project.
In our experience, we have found that a management company with a developer is better. There are several reasons for this.
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