What is the future in northern Phuket?
We love creating value and trends. The Momentum is a reflection of our many years of experience as developers in Phuket, which we are implementing in the northern part of the island.

Objectively, tourism is both a benefit and a problem. Good for the economy, but a problem for quality. People come for a short period of time; almost none of the owners of the tourism business think about who will leave what review; and so on; everything is on the fly. The main thing is to earn money here and now.

The difference between tourists and expats is very big. The beach is important to tourists. Expats go there very rarely, maybe 1-2 times a month maximum. People on vacation want to have fun and go out every day. Expats, on the other hand, are quite happy with a normal, measured life; if they go to parties, it is more often on weekends.

As a result, it turns out that the economy is divided into two cores: for tourists and for island residents.

If you open a business in a tourist area, then the prices there will be higher: rent, as a rule, is more expensive than in ordinary residential areas, sometimes up to x10 times. Yes, there will be many tourists who are willing to pay, but this kind of place will be subject to seasonality. Expats will visit it very rarely because they know where it is cheaper and can get there. But again, how great it would be if your favorite cafes, shops, fitness centers, and spas were nearby your permanent home!

Thus, an ecosystem is created within the Momentum area, where the internal infrastructure attracts as tourists as expats, which creates a continuous movement of the economy within the complex all year round. This is the future of the northern part of Phuket, where autonomous projects will appear in which people will find what they need simply by going out into the yard.
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